West Michigan's Mobile Coffee and Espresso Bar

Hey I'm Pete! The owner and head barista of Full Circle Coffee, a mobile coffee and espresso bar.  I would love to make some coffee for what you are planning.  Look around and s what your planning and be sure to let me know if you have any questions. 

Want people to have a good time?Bring a Coffee Shop in for your


Company Meeting


Employee Appreciation

Everyone is Happy

Coffee, Espresso, Latte, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Soda.  Everyone will enjoy their drinks Decaf or regular coffee and hot or over ice.

But how does it taste? Delicious! I make all of my chocolate, caramel, vanilla, and lavender in house.

Whats Full Circle?

I think a good cup of coffee doesn't just taste good, it feels good.  Where it comes from and where it ends up?  I look at four things the Farmer, the Roaster, the preparation, and taste.

The earth is a BEAUTIFUL! I want to do my part to keep it that way.  All of the paper products I use are compostable.  

I get all of my coffee from High Grounds Trading Company. A direct trade coffee roaster, who believes in, fair trade and forming lasting relationships with coffee Farmers all over the world.

You deserve the best tasting drink possible.  To do this I make all of the coffee sauces and syrups myself.  

By the time your done drinking my coffee you will want me to come back

Everything's better with Coffee


Does your event need a boost?

Let's see if this is a good fit.



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