These are the owners

After working in a couple different coffee shops, our founder Pete, was looking for a way to better serve people and the idea of a mobile espresso bar was born.

In early 2017 Pete served his first event forever changing the experience of coffee in West Michigan. Growing in the back of his mind was an idea of not just creating a wonderful event but also creating a welcoming space for people to get coffee anytime.

Then his friend Kevin asked if he’d be interested in helping him open a shop in Byron Center and those dreams began to take shape.

Looking at available spaces in Byron Center, they settled on the old Lake Michigan Credit Union space.

Transforming the old bank into a coffee shop took longer than anyone expected, but resulted in an open and welcoming space, exactly what Pete and Kevin were hoping for.

They continue to keep the mobile espresso bar operating, heading to various farmers markets in the area as well as continuing to make peoples’ gatherings exceptional.

Come visit Full Circle Coffee any day of the week!